We stock:

  • A wide range of spare parts and tuning components for Weber
  • Good stocks of Dellorto and SU parts
  • Plenty of spares for both Weber and Dellorto from 1960's, 70's & 80's
  Weber Dellorto SU Solex
Tuning Jets Yes - Will make if not in stock Yes Needles No
Venturis Yes - Will modify Yes N/A -
Emulsion Tubes Yes Yes N/A -
Linkage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repair kits Yes Yes Yes Yes
Butterflies Yes Yes Yes Yes

Mazda Rotary

We are specialists in Mazda Rotary 48 IDA Weber carburettor systems and carry a full range of:

  • Carburettors
  • Inlet Manifolds
  • Linkage Kits
  • Aircleaners
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Jetting