Restoration - Weber


Our workshop is set up with repair processes for each type of worn or damaged component.

The carburettor is stripped right down to the body, each piece is examined for wear, corrosion and, in the case of calibrated parts, tested for compliance with the original specifications and replaced where necessary with new parts.

All the components are put through our cleaning procedure, separated into related groups for processing, restored to original finish and reassembled to bring the carburettor back to as near to original condition as is feasible.

As you can see, there a many variables so there is no set price for a restoration. All jobs are individually priced before we start the

process so we do need to see the carburettor before giving you an estimate. Usually there is no charge for assessing your carburettor except for any freight involved.

Pictures are of a set of four Weber 40 IF3C restored by us for a Ferrari 512 Boxer which is undergoing full restoration at Continental Cars in Auckland.

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