51 IDA Carburettor (WEBER)


51 IDA Carburettor (WEBER)

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Please note this carburettor is manufactured to order so please allow extra time for delivery.

This is the famous WEBER SPECIALTIES modified 51 IDA. Our carbs are the only ones currently available with ALL the proper modifications to give them the extra airflow that this size should produce. We machine and manufacture all the necessary parts  including the + 3mm diameter trumpets. Our trumpets allow the use of the K&N air filter range. The aux venturis are modified so their mounting area is increased by 3mm and the float bowl is machined to allow for extra fuel capacity. These carbs also have our modified fuel inlet and a 3.5mm needle valve. Custom jetting is included in the price. All the other so called 51 IDA carbs we have checked still have the 48 IDA intake sizing and therefore do not flow any extra air at all!


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