Weber 38 DGES Carburettor


Weber 38 DGES Carburetor

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The 38mm DGES carb is the standard carburetor fitted to the Ford Essex 3 litre engine. It comes with an electric auto choke system.

Usually most motors will be improved over stock with oversize pistons and towing cam. The 38 DGES series of carburetors will enhance the improvements of any of these items -particularly the 6 cylinder engine applications.
(Alternatively you can use either the 38 DGAS for an water heated auto choke version or the 38 DGMS for a manual choke version. It should be the only consideration if your engine has or is going to have any level of additional engine modification – such as headers, free flowing exhaust, a cam, or rebuilt and enlarged capacity engine.)


Extra charge applies for jetting to suit your engine


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