Weber 48 IDA Carburettor


Weber 48 IDA Carburetor

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This is the Weber carburetor recognized as the most dominant performance carburetor in motor sports.

The 48 IDA is renowned for  years of overwhelming dominance of the road racing circuits. IDA Series carburetors have been used by many of the world’s leading performance manufacturers on their factory racing cars, as well as production cars. Its design, size and performance make it ideally suited for use on V8 and V6 engines, as well as any opposed six or four cylinder engines. This carburetor is also widely used on Mazda Rotary engines.

Features: Ball bearing throttle shafts, piston type accelerator pump, a wide range of calibrated parts, and components to accommodate nearly any application.
With a broad range of linkage parts, engineered and available to be readily tailored to any racing application, the IDA Series carburetors are the clear choice when only the highest flow rate and total racing performance with suffice. Available in 51 mm size to special order.
 The Weber Specialties version of the 51 IDA is the only one available with ALL the correct modifications including our own manufacture intake trumpets. Venturis are available from 36 mm to 45 mm .  Please specify requirements on ordering.
We have vast experience with setting these carburetors for Mazda Rotary engines and will be happy to offer our customers advice.

Extra Charge may apply for jetting for you engine


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